An Approach for Planning Your Health Plan’s Strategic Application and Deployment of AI – Part 4

June 28, 2023

So, what is discussed in an Executive AI Workshop? 

You have your Executive AI Workshop planned and scheduled. Materials are prepared and have been reviewed for accuracy and relevance. Any advance reading for the participants has been sent to them at least 1 week in advance of the 2-day Workshop. Individual team members, other internal experts or external consultants are assigned to lead the major topic discussions. The discussion below follows the Workshop outline we presented in Post 3 of this LinkedIn series: 

Please note: Due to length, Workshop Topics 1, 2 and 3 are in this Post #4, and Workshop Topics 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be in Post #5. 

1.  A Primer on AI. To prepare for the meeting, you have captured existing information regarding the use of AI in Healthcare. Your team has put together an overview of the history of AI, where its development is headed and examples of how it is currently being applied. You have included definitions for the distinct types of AI and the components that compose an application of AI. Your objective is to educate participants on what AI is and what it is not 

2.  Utilization of AI. Executive participants may not be aware of the AI efforts across the health plan. AI applications may have been included as optional modules from your current third-party software providers. There may be “R&D” projects evaluating data for AI-driven decision support applications. Your organization may have progressed further with AI and created AI-driven tools complete with Machine Learning Models that required data to be carefully evaluated and then modeled. You may find that places in your organization have deployed Chatbots in customer service applications which may or may not be AI applications but considered as such. There may be workflow tools that include RPA or Robotic Process Automation. Regardless of truly being AI in the current industry definition of AI, it is helpful to know what your organization believes it has done with AI to date. 

3.  Differences in AI Applications. This is the point in the Workshop where your participants adopt and internalize a state-of-the-art definition of AI, and a shared understanding of what AI is and what it is not. You participants may have already found that many AI labeled efforts are not really AI. Getting to this common definition of AI for your organization is a crucial step to plan for the application and deployment of AI in the future. 

In Part 5 of our LinkedIn Post Series, to continue following our approach Planning for Strategic Application and Deployment of AI, we will complete Conduct Executive AI Workshop – Part 2 in our LinkedIn Post Series #5. 

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