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2AI-Assisted Health Analysis

Strategic Application of Artificial Intelligence in AI-Assisted Company Health Analysis

This solution can either stand alone or serve as the next AI-assisted tool for analyzing a target organization's "health" in M&A considerations. The AI tool will assess publicly available financial information and verified business knowledge, market presence, including workforce issues, supply chain challenges, and litigation history. It also allows for customization by incorporating a range of criteria, from strategic importance to acquisition feasibility. Using parameter-driven scoring and ranking, the AI evaluates the overall "health" of the target institution. It highlights strengths and weaknesses, recommends additional information for consideration, and provides a probability estimate for successful acquisition and integration based on the confidence level of the available information. Over time, the AI's knowledge base expands to incorporate more sources of "health" information, and its algorithms continually improve for enhanced predictive capabilities.

Utilizing AI in AI-Assisted M&A Expert Health Analysis

1.  This AI-driven M&A application can analyze potential acquisition targets with a focus on a target’s “Health” against large data sets representing criteria defined by the acquiring institution

2.  The AI analysis can organize several sources of data, evaluate criteria against relevant known datasets (See M&A Solution 1), and further analyze target organizations for their “Health” against custom AI algorithms

3.  The M&A Team’s defined criteria will create advanced AI algorithms which will consider past institutional experience of successful mergers of prior target’s evaluated health, completed deals’ overall success scores, difficulty and success of integration, business mission, current objectives, and goals (i.e., growth and profitability), and other crucial factors such as predicting how the target organization’s health can impact in the acquiring organization’s health

4.  Various parameter driven reports could be generated through the M&A Target Health Copilot Console that present the above AI-produced analyses and rankings of health

5.  The AI application supports the Deal Team accelerating its evaluation to rank targets by their “health”. This allows for increased productivity for the Deal Team

6.  The AI can also recommend for the Management and the Deal Team what additional information should be acquired during the next phase of evaluation for the targets who the data known to the AI has included them as meeting thresholds of “health” as defined to the AI

7.  With the “health ranking” the AI could also possess additional algorithms based upon prior similar deals and offer a prediction as to how successful the first contact could be when requesting a discussion pertaining to a possible merger or acquisition. Relationships between the two organizations would be included in the AI-driven recommendations.

8.  The AI analysis based upon known business relationships, proximity of business locations and other defined factors will also influence the approach for making first contact to a target organization

9.  The AI Copilot Console will assist M&A Management monitor the progression of deals through review and evaluation processes and alert management when important dates/deadlines may be approaching for decision-making

10. The AI application can also be integrated with a CRM system to support tracking of deals and other corporate development pursuits at the enterprise level providing information available from the AI to the CRM system and other capital investment opportunities