The Application of AI as an Operational Optimization Tool Is Still Relatively New in Healthcare Organizations.

June 21, 2023

The application of AI as an operational optimization tool is still relatively new in healthcare organizations. Unlike traditional business process reengineering or business transformation, there are no established "lessons learned" or "best practices" in this domain. So, where should you begin when incorporating AI into your healthcare organization’s business processes? To address this anticipated need, we have dedicated considerable time to developing an approach called "enterprise AI” and tailored it for healthcare to be effective when applying AI to create AI-driven healthcare solutions. 

The key principles of our approach are as follows, it: 

1. Is comprehensive and customizable to align with your specific requirements and project/program scope 

2. Encourages innovative AI solutions while maintaining a pragmatic approach to their implementation and avoids the use of bleed-edge AI 

3. Revolves around program management concepts, incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to utilizing AI for People, Process, Technology & Data activities. This approach is documented in a roadmap with defined milestones that create value, supported by a solid business case 

4. Encompasses AI Solution Engineering phases and tasks, covering the development of custom, native AI solutions, as well as systems integration, testing, and implementation phases 

5. Is designed to provide timely and accurate reporting on project status (actual vs. planned) in terms of time and budget. It also offers recommendations for managing total program costs, including both one-time and ongoing expenses 

If you would like to discuss our perspectives, our responses to the above questions for your organization, and our approach to strategic Enterprise AI, please contact us using the form below or at [email protected]

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