Utilizing AI to Optimize Operations

June 14, 2023

Application of AI is still relatively new as a tool to optimize operations.  Unlike traditional business process reengineering or business transformation, there are no established "lessons learned" or "best practices" in this domain. So, how should you begin incorporating AI when reimagining a business process? To address this anticipated need, we have been investing considerable time creating an approach for “Enterprise AI”. Key principles of our approach are that it:  

1) Incorporates the inclusion of AI in a comprehensive and customizable methodology tailorable to align with your specific requirements and project/program scope 

2) Encourages innovative AI solutioning, yet be pragmatic in its application of AI avoiding the use of any “bleeding edge” AI 

3) Revolves around program management concepts that incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach in the context of utilizing AI for People, Process, Technology & Data activities, and tasks documented in a roadmap with business case defined milestones for value realization 

4) Includes AI Solution Engineering phases and tasks for custom, native AI solutions development along with systems integration, testing and implementation phases 

5) Is designed to report on-time and on-budget status (i.e., actual vs. planned) to stakeholders and management along with other relevant information for managing risk, total program costs (i.e., one-time and on-going) and benefits realization 

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