How Can AI Be Utilized to Plan a Post-Merger/Acquisition Integration Effort?

June 21, 2023

The handshake has been completed, and the deal is documented, ensuring its certainty. Now, how can AI be utilized to plan the integration efforts after a merger or acquisition? The application of AI in this planning process brings value through the provision of relevant information, insights, and recommendations especially for organizations that pursue growth strategies involving ongoing acquisitions. What makes it even more valuable over time is the ability to capture and incorporate ongoing "experience" into an AI solution. 

There are always factual elements of an AI's knowledge that need to be updated, such as changing or new government regulatory requirements, compliance dates, internal policies, practices, processes, and the selected strategic approach for the integration plan itself. Moreover, various considerations regarding timing, people, processes, and technology need to be inputted into the AI system. 

Furthermore, any senior team that has managed a post-merger/acquisition integration effort has undoubtedly learned lessons and identified areas for improvement. These lessons learned, along with newly recognized best practices, and the review and analysis of milestones achieved or missed, collectively represent an overall "experience” for rating the outcome. By defining and incorporating this “experience” into your AI system, it gains the ability to predict successful outcomes more reliably, provide more relevant insights, and offer more pragmatic recommendations over the course of your integration project. This is how M&A Integration AI Copilot will continually “learn” to improve its assistance with the effort to meet program timeline milestones, stay within your approved budget, and manage risks. 

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