Utilizing AI to Capture the “Experience” of Executives

June 14, 2023

One of the more interesting aspects about applying AI is utilizing it to capture the “experience” of senior partners and executives – especially if they were the Founders in traditional professional firms like law firms and investment banks. Yes, you have the younger and mid-career partners who are now running the firm but what happens when the most senior “minds” that built the foundation of the firm you practice in today are no longer available to weigh in on a decision, topic, or other matter?  

Can you imagine the AI Copilot being with you and representing that experience of those “minds” when you input the facts around a particular topic – say an acquisition deal or merger opportunity – and the AI not only considers your documented approach for its response – but also represents the knowledge and experience of the people who no longer sit at the table with you? 

This way when you glance at the portrait of that founder looking at you every day in the Lobby or the Boardroom, the AI can diligently consider the firm’s founding principles, culture and distinctiveness in analysis and evaluation tasks to support and influence decision-making. It is important to note that the AI must be designed to know when to apply this founding experience and when it is less relevant or not relevant at all. In the right use cases, the AI Copilot can answer this often-unspoken thought: “I wonder what John would think about this?” 

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