What Is the Optimal Approach to Applying and Managing AI?

June 21, 2023

What is the optimal approach to applying and managing AI? Should it be implemented as a "point-solution," integrated at the "process" level, or incorporated as a new component in your enterprise systems and applications architecture? Our clients have pursued initial applications of AI through one or a combination of these approaches. Often, the organization's risk tolerance plays a significant role in determining the approach to apply AI. 

The utilization of AI brings with it new management and oversight considerations. As AI utilization increases, the role and scope of your organization's technology governance function expands to include areas such as AI ethics, data bias, risk management, response/output accuracy, reliability factors, and compliance with government agencies and regulatory bodies. From an IT (Information Technology) management perspective, AI adoption will also compete for capital investment and exert additional pressure on IT costs as a line item in the profit and loss statement. With the predicted growth of AI expenditures globally, organizations will eventually consider whether managing the AI every day belongs under the CIO or under a CDO (Chief Digital Officer). 

When AI becomes prevalent in an organization’s daily operations, there will be discussions about defining the roles and responsibilities of a “Chief AI Officer” position. This is in fact already happening at larger organizations who have been “early adopters” of AI. Utilizing AI will create new jobs and positions within your organization because AI requires an on-going “commitment” to assist it in “learning” over time. Expect these new positions to grow in number over time as the adoption of AI increases to the “enterprise” level in your organization. 

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