An Approach for Planning Your Health Plan’s Strategic Application and Deployment of AI – Part 3

June 27, 2023

Once you get the AI project plan documented and approved, and your project is staffed and resourced, it is time to begin initial AI research including industry adoption of AI and other internal data collection.  
You will need this information for preparing materials in advance of the next major task in your plan: Conduct AI Executive Workshop. It is sometimes best to work backwards when determining the scope, timing and level of detail required for data collection. Your team decided to outline the planned Workshop first, and then work backwards into the prioritization for data collection activities.  
Keep in mind that the Workshops like this one have multiple objectives: 1) Education, 2) Information & Awareness, and 3) Consensus-Building. The materials that are prepared from both external research and internal sources need to be thoughtfully put into context to realize these objectives. 
Below is a preliminary outline for the Executive AI Workshop: 

1.  A Primer on AI 
2.  Utilization of AI 
3.  Differences in AI Applications 
4.  Assessment of AI Utilization 
5.  Planned Growth in AI Utilization 
6.  AI Management & Governance 
7.  Findings & Conclusions 
Following is a sample outline of the external information and data that your team needs to collect: 

 •  History of AI 
•  Definition of the components of an AI application 
•  The types of AI applications 
•  The “myths” or misconceptions of AI 
•  Current industry research on the utilization of AI 
•  Growth of AI adoption predicted in the industry 
•  Issues with the use of AI today: Current case studies, risks including security, governance, regulation 
•  Currently available AI third-party vendor offerings: Applications, Tools & Platforms 
An effective method to collect internal information is in the form of a questionnaire that workshop participants and other managers and staff in your organization complete. Typically, business and IT respondents are given two weeks to return the questionnaire and provide requested materials. If you already have AI in your organization, you may need a separate questionnaire for your IT respondents.  
To conduct the Workshop, your team has asked for the following information from each the respondents: 
•  AI applications currently in production including their costs and ROI 
•  Business processes where the respondent believes AI is being utilized 
•  Type of AI that respondents believe they are currently utilizing 
•  Proposals or plans for implementation of AI-driven applications 
•  How AI is managed and governed if AI is currently utilized 
•  One time and on-going costs and ROI for any current AI 
Pulling together all the research, and then analyzing the questionnaire responses can be a major effort depending on the size of your organization. Estimate adequate time to properly analyze the responses, and to follow-up with respondents if necessary for any clarification.  
The next major task is to synthesize your AI research and internal data collection into materials that will support the discussions at your Executive AI Workshop. 
In Part 4 of our LinkedIn Post Series, to continue following our approach Planning for Strategic Application and Deployment of AI, we will discuss how to conduct an Executive AI Workshop. 

If you’d like to discuss our perspectives, our responses to the above questions for your organization, and our approach to strategic Enterprise AI, please contact us using the form below or at [email protected]

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