The AI(x) Program

The AI(x) Program is a proven framework that strategically and cost effectively introduces Enterprise Copilot into your organization. This program is the foundation in which the Enterprise Copilot is built upon and is optimized for outstanding levels of scalability, adaptability and advancements in AI technology.

Starting the AI Apex Journey


AI Alignment Services

We work with your executive team members to gather relevant information and understand your business objectives, workflows, and data. We then translate your goals and objectives into AI Use Cases that will provide immediate ROI.


Foundational Platform

Using our proven methodologies and extensive enterprise experience, AI(x) deploys the Enterprise Copilot platform and develops advanced ML models unique to your organization and business objectives, integrating them with your existing systems.


Solution / Use Cases

Once completed, we provide you with a fully tested and functional Enterprise Copilot as a working Proof of Concept, which you can use and test. We also provide you with an Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to help you understand the ROI of your copilot.

Once the value of the Enterprise Copilot is realized, AI Apex will proceed to build and enhance your Enterprise Copilot as a production-grade solution and continue to iterate and grow your Enterprise Copilot into a smarter, broader, and more powerful AI platform.